About School Analyst

School Analyst began by helping school districts digitize their attendance boundaries using geographic information system (GIS) technology. The purpose was clear: by moving from paper maps to digital representations, school staff and parents could use our School Locator for student address assignment questions and have a better geographic understanding of their respective schools.

Wanting to provide further insights, we began collecting and integrating federal and state level educational, census demographic and proprietary datasets in addition to 36,000 school attendance boundaries. Today, we use this information to develop intuitive and visually appealing products which provide access to information on our nation’s schools.

In addition to product offerings, School Analyst offers consulting services to school districts, education agencies and other groups who have specific needs centered on educational, demographic or other forms of spatial data. Our product development efforts have furthered our domain knowledge and utilized cutting-edge technology - reflecting the talents of our diverse team. Together, we bring experience in database management, GIS software, application development, server and client side programming, demography, lifestyle segmentation and K-12 education.

School Analyst is a division of GIS Solutions, Inc., a full service GIS consulting firm which provides provides GIS products and services to federal, state, local and private sector clients, including Fortune 500 companies.

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